Rubicoins are the virtual currency featured in Combat Monsters.

Obtaining Edit

Rubicoins can obtained by Winning battles (both single player and multiplayer), defeating enemy heroes, completing quests, selling cards, watching adverts and by purchasing.

When a multiplayer battle is won the player will be awarded 120 Rubicoins and an additional 1 Rubicoin for each time their rank has increased. When playing with more than two people additional rubicoins are earned by defeating enemy heroes. The quantity of Rubicoins earned for winning a single player match varies.

Bonus Rubicoins are awarded for the completion of quests. The rewards are:

  • 1,000 Rubicoins for Journeyman's Jaunt (Tutorial Quest)
  • 3,000 Rubicoins for Troublesome Trek (Easy Quest)
  • 4,000 Rubicoins for Arduous Adventure (Medium Quest)
  • 5,000 Rubicoins for Calamity Crossing (Hard Quest)
  • 6,000 Rubicoins forExpert Expedtion ( Harder Quest)
  • 7,000 Rubicoins for Onerous Odyssey (Harder Quest)

Unwanted cards can be sold for Rubicoins through the card trading system. The player chooses a orice to sell the card for and it goes on sale for other players to buy. There is no maximum price but minimum prices of 50 Rubicoins for common cards, 200 Rubicoins for uncommon cards, 1,800 Rubicoins for rare cards and 10,000 Rubicoinis for legendary cards.

50 Rubicoins are earned by voluntarily watching a short advert *not affected by tripler*

A purse of 10,000 Rubicoins can be purchased for £2.99, a bag of 22,000 Rubicoins can be purchased for £6.99, a bucket of 52,000 Rubicoins can be purchased for £13.99 and a barrel of 120,000 Rubicoins can be purchased for £27.99.

The tripler can also be purchased for £1.99 to permanently increase the number of Rubicoins earned by x3. Upon purchasing the tripler the player will also revive one half of all of the coins they earned but have not been tripled.

The daily doubler can also be purchased for £0.69 to increase the number of Rubicoins earned by x2 for 24 hours.

Usage Edit

Rubicoins can be used by buying chests or through the card trading system.The chests which can be purchased are:

  • Mini Chest for 400 Rubicoins
  • Full Chest for 1,200 Rubicoins
  • Mega Chest for 7,500 Rubicoins

When using the card trading system a player can buy individual cards from other players at a price defined by the seller, it is important to note that there is a 15% tax for the buyer.

Trivia Edit

The word "Rubicoin" is a portmanteau of the words "coin" and "Rubicon", Rubicon Developement being the name of the Developers.